One of the first major ESCo projects in Portugal
  • Date: 2017
  • Typology: Street Lighting

In 2015, the municipality of Vouzela invested in a pilot project of 500 LED luminaires to convert from traditional technology to LED technology. However, the replacement for LED, in all the lighting fixtures in the municipality, was extremely relevant, seeking to adopt a model that did not bring major financial costs, which would guarantee maintenance and technical assistance and, in a way, it would be possible to pay with the savings generated during the contractual period.

The main purposes that moved the Municipality to move forward with this project are based essentially on:

  • ending the nighttime blackouts motivated by the reduction of energy costs;
  • modernize and improve the quality of street lighting – convenience and quality of life for residents and visitors;
  • implement an effective energy efficiency policy, betting on LED technology as it is more environmentally friendly, with less consumption and less CO2