Pioneers in LED lighting since 2005, we are dedicated to developing solutions for Smart Cities, aiming at energy and water efficiency, safeguarding critical resources for municipalities. A subsidiary of Constructel Visabeira.

We started our journey in architectural lighting, with emblematic projects such as the Lisbon Casino and the Tróia Design Hotel, and evolved into the street lighting sector, with an offering solution based on sustainable and energy-efficient alternatives.

Our focus is on the development of smart lighting solutions, such as luminaires connected to the IoT (Internet of Things), sensors for monitoring outdoor spaces – parks or festive venues – that analyze movement flows, duration, permanence, and distance of people, all managed remotely via management systems. These interconnectable solutions make it possible to integrate management platforms for the lighting infrastructure, and beyond, of a city or region, facilitating the development of Smart Cities and always focusing on sustainability.

An integrated approach to energy efficiency would not be complete without considering other territory’s infrastructures, such as water supply distribution, which are clearly inefficient. The volume of water lost in the supply translates into high energy losses, so it is necessary to digitize the water supply distribution, detecting and analyzing water leaks, because saving water, in addition to being fundamental – as it is a scarce commodity – means saving energy.

Today, more than a lighting company, we are an efficiency company that helps municipalities save money and safeguard critical resources in innovative ways.



Development, manufacture and commercialization of LED lighting technology.

  • ISO 9001, this scope applies to the headquarters in Mora and to the office in Lisbon.
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, the scope applies only to the headquarters in Mora.


Portuguese engineering and design
Experts in LED lighting projects – 19 years of activity
Research & Development
Portuguese market leaders in LED street lighting
A footprint in over 100 municipalities


  • We develop smart, energy-efficient lighting solutions based on the optimized management of resources and operational costs, aiming to contribute to sustainable urban areas.


  • We aim to be part of the solution for sustainable and safer cities operating in a smart grid and actively contributing to the decarbonization and to a more efficient resources allocation and resources management.


  • Sustainability – Decarbonization, reduction of light pollution and savings on financial resources, consequently a smaller ecological footprint.

  • Security – Street lighting is a contributing factor to personal safety and crime reduction. It is also an indicator of progress and of economic and human development.

  • Connectivity – Data gathered in real time for an integrated and updated view. Infrastructure optimization.

  • Intelligence – Analytics to support decision-making support for intelligent resource management.



Distinctive energy-efficient solutions for street, commercial, industrial and stage lighting, focused on reducing energy consumption and decarbonization and therefore contributing to sustainable urban clusters.


We have a clear commitment to innovation – we create, design and manufacture every component of our products to maximize our solution’s performance.


As LED lighting specialists, we offer not only top-quality products but also a range of services to meet the specific requirements of each project.
Luminaires manufactured
Energy efficiency/year
CO2 Savings


Located in Mora-Alentejo, Portugal, our factory employs 65% of all Arquiled professionals and is characterized by a young population with an average age under 40.

Our factory has a production capacity of 12,000 luminaires per month, based on serial production lines, automation and a Surface Mount Device (SMD) line for electronic circuit boards, in addition to a test laboratory – Goniophotometer.

We rely on national suppliers who produce a variety of components designed and developed by us, which are then assembled in our manufacturing plant.

We have ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management Systems, ISO 50001 certification for Energy Management Systems and ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System.

We develop our products from scratch.

We design, develop and manufacture our own products from the electronic circuit boards to the design of the luminaires, thus ensuring the quality and reliability of our brand.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best energy-efficient lighting solutions. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the art technology supported by a team of experts. This enables us to create top-quality products, always guaranteeing excellent production standards.

Arquiled aims for leadership, profitability and growth

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best energy-efficient lighting solutions. To achieve this, we aim to be leaders in offering lighting products with the best return on investment in the market.

Our products must also be technologically innovative, safe, energy-efficient and connected, with control and management systems and a permanently updated portfolio. With commitment and creativity, we lay the foundations for our company to keep on growing. With the guarantee of the necessary financial autonomy, we are able to provide for the investments to be made in the financial markets and incentive systems, as well as ensure the satisfaction of our shareholders by successfully managing their expectations and in complying with compliance obligations.


Arquiled’s goal is to have satisfied customers
The quality of our work is the basis for meeting the expectations of our customers. It is essential for the success of our company and our sustained growth in the market. So, we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction through excellence in before- and after-sales support.


Arquiled requires excellent suppliers
We strive to rigorously select qualified suppliers who are energy-efficient and able to meet the quality standards of our company, so as to include them in our quality and energy system.


Arquiled requires motivated and competent employees
Motivated, dedicated and innovative employees are the foundation of our success. With our focus on knowledge-sharing, trust, training, processes and leading by example, we constantly ensure the motivation and competence of our employees.


Arquiled wants the leadership to manage systems

Leadership commits itself to the goals and guidelines of quality as an example. The employees are made aware of the leadership for a work oriented to continuous improvement and are defined goals for its implementation.


At Arquiled we work for a product of excellence

Responsibilities are defined through requirements in an integrated way, overlapping departmental needs and interests. Teamwork and the multidisciplinary concept lead to better results.


Arquiled wants to prevent mistakes

Prevention has priority over error correction. We direct our efforts to do well, from the first time, through pre-established guidelines.


Arquiled wants to continually improve

We seek a leading position in the competition, pursuing ways to achieve a continuous, planned and measurable improvement of our work, our processes and our products.

Compliance with compliance obligations, applicable legal and other requirements that the organization subscribes to regarding energy efficiency, energy use and consumption, and statutory and regulatory requirements applied to the product and production processes, and environmental performance improvement.


Arquiled wants a sustainable environment

Arquiled is proactive in protecting the environment by preventing and mitigating adverse environmental impacts. At Arquiled we work on a logic of continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Miguel Allen Lima

Chief Executive Officer

Nuno Quelhas

Chief Commercial Officer

Smart City of the Iberian Peninsula
Countries where we work
Continents where we are present


Technical Expertise

Our know-how is put at the service of our clients to design the lighting solution that best serves the project objectives and budget constraints.

Sustainable and Efficient Solutions

We guarantee the technical, economic and environmental sustainability of the systems we propose. All our solutions are based on LED technology to ensure greater longevity as well as minimal maintenance and energy consumption.

Fast Return on Investment (Payback)

We are native in LED technology, so we have an expertise in designing solutions with fast returns on investment resulting from the energy savings generated. We guarantee investment returns compatible with our customers’ investment cycles, in many cases with payback periods of less than 1 year.

Our Experience

We are pioneers in Europe in the implementation of smart cities, by being chosen for the development of the first Portuguese Smart City. We create, design and manufacture our luminaires, idealizing the product from the start until the end. More than 100 municipalities in Portugal are equipped with our luminaires and the streetlight management system ECCOS, that enables cities to efficiently manage the operation of their assets and maximize the energy savings introduced by LED technology.


For more information about our products and solutions, please fill in this form or contact us. We have expert consultants for every type and segment of lighting design.