Unique projects require customized approaches.

Arquiled has been required countless times to create unique lighting conditions and environments, a challenge that can only be addressed with luminaires specifically designed to respond to specific situations.

Projects of this nature, which incorporate an indelible signature and materialize into unique and unrepeatable works, can only be fully achieved by those who create and develop their own products.

Our factory in Mora (Alentejo), has been producing unique lighting systems that have made a difference in noteworthy developments in Portugal and abroad. Large companies, museums and hotel chains, among others, now visibly have the Arquiled brand in their unique environments.


Customized signature lighting solutions for facades and architectural enhancement – one such example is EDP’s head office building.


Revitalization of historical luminaires by converting the light engine to LED technology, while the exterior design of the luminaire is kept intact. Lisbon’s Praça do Município (city hall square) is the best endorsement of our work.


Technical Expertise

Our know-how is put at the service of our clients to design the lighting solution that best serves the project objectives and budget constraints.

Sustainable and Efficient Solutions

We guarantee the technical, economic and environmental sustainability of the systems we propose. All our solutions are based on LED technology to ensure greater longevity as well as minimal maintenance and energy consumption.

Fast Return on Investment – Payback

We are native in LED technology, so we have an expertise in designing solutions with fast returns on investment resulting from the energy savings generated. We guarantee investment returns compatible with our customers’ investment cycles, in many cases with payback periods of less than 1 year.

Our Experience

In addition to creating, designing and manufacturing our luminaires, we also develop street lighting infrastructure management software that enables cities to efficiently manage the operation of their assets and maximize the energy savings generated by LED technology.

We are pioneers in Europe in the implementation of smart cities, and we were chosen for the development of the first Portuguese smart city.



Nuno Quelhas

“The great challenge in this project was the complexity of the façade’s non-linear system with an undulating shape, which required ARQUILED to develop and customize the lighting system for this structure.”