Arquiled - Higya Light
Arquiled - Higya Light

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Smart UV-C LED device for air disinfection

A smart device for disinfecting rooms by reducing the viral load in the air, operating on 265 nm ultraviolet light technology. Thanks to the integrated motion sensor, it adjusts air disinfection to the movement detected in rooms in an efficient way, without exposing occupants to irradiation.

With the equipment installed above a height of 2.1m, in compliance with safety standards, air disinfection by C-type ultraviolet radiation is carried out in the upper layer of the room, propagating through the air circulation in the room to the entire available air volume, throughout the time of use.

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  • Smart operation that adjusts ultraviolet irradiance to movement in spaces efficiently and continuously.
  • High transmittance quartz lens at UV-C length (~90%).
  • Ceiling or wall mount, with 5 and 10° angle adjustment to avoid irradiation in occupied areas.


  • It uses innovative LED technology that emits at the 265 nm wavelength, ideal for absorption by the RNA constituent of viruses and the DNA of bacteria.
  • High transmittance quartz lens (~90%), which allows you to direct the light beam horizontally.
  • Each device was sized for a disinfection area of approximately 12 m2. The distribution of the equipment should always be adequate to the dimensions and shape of the spaces.


  • Ceiling or wall mounting. The minimum installation height of 2.1 m must be respected.
  • Allows angle adjustment of 5 and 10º to avoid radiation in areas with occupants.
  • Motion sensor to intelligently adjust the irradiation of the spaces according to the detected movement:
    • optimizes air disinfection depending on movement in the space.
    • greater energy efficiency.


  • It is a source with less environmental impact.
  • It can be turned on and off uninterruptedly without affecting its useful life.
  • The emission technology of the 265 nm UV-C LED has no Ozone (O3) emissions.
  • It “lights up” immediately, without the need for heating.


Higya Box

265 nm UV-C LED disinfection chamber for object sterilization. Proven effectiveness of 99.95% in inactivating the viral load.