The smart way to manage and light up the municipality

  • Date: 2022
  • Tipology: Street Lighting

The municipality of Palmela intended to improve the overall energy efficiency of the municipality through the adoption of a lighting management platform and technological innovation related to the standardization of technological solutions and design of public lighting systems, thus turning the municipality into a Smart City with the introduction of technologically innovative solutions.

The project is based on an energy efficiency model at no cost to the municipality (ESCo model), which involved the transition of street lighting to LED technology with a lighting control system, remotely managed through a monitoring platform via LoRaWAN® communications.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the lighting intensity is dimmed according with different needs and locations, which translates into an effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the decarbonization of the municipality.


Of the total number of 19,793 luminaires, the vast majority are connected with ARQUILED’s ECCOS Controller, a lighting monitoring and control module added in an external NEMA device, allowing for point-to-point control of the luminaires by remote management.

17,712 road luminaires, including 14,364 SCULPTOR luminaires and 378 historical HAMLET luminaires, all with ECCOS Controller.

The 1,703 OCTANS urban luminaires have integrated communications and built in control.