Connected and efficient street lighting

  • Date: 2021
  • Tipology: Street Lighting

Concernings about the high consumption of energy in the municipality, and its consequences on the energy bill and the environment, led to the implementation of a centralized management system to reduce electricity consumption associated with the street lighting infrastructure, achieving savings of around 78%.

The project is based on an energy saving model without costs to the municipality (ESCo model) and consisted of the replacement of 5,846 luminaires by LED technology luminaires, throughout the municipality.

The upgrade from the conventional lighting to LED technology allowed the implementation of an individualized remote management system, with LoRaWAN® communications, allowing connectivity between the entire set of luminaires, serving management and monitoring indexes of several systems with coverage throughout the geographical area of the municipality of Portalegre.


The total number of 5,846 luminaires are equipped with ARQUILED’s ECCOS Controller, a lighting monitoring and control module added in an external NEMA device, which allows point-to-point control of the luminaires, via remote management.

4,709 are road luminaires SCULPTOR and 1,137 are historical luminaires HAMLET with ECCOS Controller. The urban luminaires OCTANS and ORIONT have integrated communications and control.