A pioneer smart street lighting system in Europe
  • Date: 2010
  • Typology: Street Lighting

In the 21st century, the world is looking for new ways to reduce energy consumption. The future of the planet depends on our ability to change to more sustainable and resource-consuming standards of living.

With this assumption, EDP Distribuição (a subsidiary company of EDP, the Portuguese electric utilities company) developed the InovCity concept of an intelligent city, based on the InovGrid smart grid project, towards an intelligent distribution system based on energy remote management. “Évora InovCity” was the first InovGrid project installation of a significant size.

The city of Évora was chosen to be the pioneer and ARQUILED proudly joined in to replace traditional lamps with LED technology. To this end, an LED module was developed with intelligent technology and network communication in order to replace the conventional technology and preserve the historic and classic design.

This intelligent system, the first developed in Portugal in the area of street lighting management, was implemented in 44 lanterns (old lamps), together with an advanced control, management and monitoring system.